The intention I had when creating The Newton Sixth Form was to make it the first first educational institutions that uses international way of teaching and learning through the curriculum of IGCSE and A-Levels of UK.  Our vision is to encourage pupils on Character-Building towards good leadership. It also aims to cultivate pupils to be enthusiastic about learning and to be confident in setting goals for success at a high level. Newton put emphasis on in-depth study at the first principles of Mathematics, Sciences, and English of students for entering either nationally and the world’s top universities.
              I want Newton to be the opportunity for Thai students to access the first principles of academics and world-class quality education with a team of experts in each subject. The true purpose of Newton is to uplift the education standards of Thailand.
Dr.Teerakiat Jareonsettasin

The Newton Begins

Dr. Teerakiat Jareonsettasin’s educational model is both the starting point and goal of The Newton Sixth Form, which a Good educational institution should be built upon. It consists of having a good Good educational institution climate climate, having good teachers, and having students with good character to attain educational achievements: these three elements combined will be conducive to academic achievements.

The Newton Sixth Form aims to foster a good atmosphere and learning environment. Dr. Teerakiat Jareonsettasin, headmaster, determines the teaching and learning direction with high expectations for academic achievements and character.

The Newton Sixth Form has an intensive selection and development of teachers. Teachers must be keen in their responsible subjects, good in teaching and of good character, which can be a good role model for students and nurture good relationship with their pupils.

The Newton Sixth Form accepts students who search for leadership development opportunities and executive function skills. Students are determined to develop themselves into highly successful leaders to create changes for our future society.

Climate + Care + Curriculum

3 Criteria for creating a Good educational institution



The educational institution Climate of the Newton Sixth Form is similar to that of Finland’s education, where brilliant teachers take good care of students closely and with just the right amount of teaching and the balance between having good challenges that come with good support for the students.



The Care given to students is very important. The The Newton Sixth Form employs a supervision system used by Oxford and Cambridge University; bringing capable educators (hereby called supervisors), to take care of students individually. The supervisor’s roles are to oversee students' character, academics, resources, and individual limitation.


The Newton Sixth Form employs UK’s Pearson Edexcel Board for its curriculum. Students will know the expectations, their own goals of what to do, and what to study; all of which will benefit the students in planning their studies more efficiently and effectively.

Our Newton's Priorities

The Essence of Education in the New Era

Our priorities

The Essence of Education in the New Era

Character Matters

Good character is at the heart of every good leader. Good leaders rise to the responsibility and must judge what is the right thing to do in the interest of the public rather than personal benefit. Having stuck to plans, they must be proactive ,flexible and adaptable to changes. The Newton Sixth Form aims to promote and develop students to have an Executive Function and Growth Mindset.

Time Matters

Studying at The Newton is a minimalist approach, focusing on prioritizing teaching and in-depth learning at the first principles of core subjects and encouraging pupils to interact with expert teachers.

Learning 3 Core Subjects

Humanities / Sciences / Computer Science

Education Matters

The Newton team consists of Headmaster, Directors, Supervisors, and Care team, always seeking new ways to enhance the organization’s education. To develop supervisors and personnel to be good role models for pupils and encourage students to develop themselves into highly successful leaders to create changes for Thai society in the future.

We aim to build that aims to create future leaders with capable and caring teachers

The Newton Sixth Form has an intensive selection and development of teachers. To have excellent teachers who are responsible for teaching and for having good personality and character. The must be a good role model for students and have a good relationship with their pupils.

At Newton, teachers are not only responsible for teaching academic materials, but also for cultivating students’ character: to teach them leadership qualities. When selecting teachers, we put emphasis on the characteristics of Newton’s teacher three Ps: Purity / Patience / Perseverance.


มีจิตใจที่บริสุทธิ์ รวมถึงความบริสุทธ์ในทางความรู้และวิชาการ




มีอุปนิสัยที่มีความเพียร ไม่ย่อท้อต่อการส่งเสริมขัดเกลานักเรียนให้ประสบความสำเร็จตามปณิธานของแต่ละคน

The Newton Sixth Form aims to nuture students to be capable leaders for the new world

(New Normal World)

The Newton Sixth Form focuses on cultivating students to become leaders for the new world. The world of the future will challenge the traditional educational paradigm that aims to produce “human resources” into the business and industrial sectors which is the socio-economic context of the past. The beliefs and values are out of date and unable to meet the needs of today's society with rapid and unpredictable changes. The future world will need a new generation who will grow up to be leaders, responsible for creating a vision and bring social changes towards progress and peace.

Our vision is a determination to be a part of creating changes through providing education for children and youth. That is to cultivate pupils on Character-Building towards the good leaders in the fields of science, technology, business, and society.


(Common Nonsense)


(New Common Sense)

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