Newton Youth Diplomacy Forum

Debating and Public Speaking on the Big Stage

          Earlier this week, Year 11 and Year 12 students from Newton Business School and Newton Sixth Form participated in the exciting collaborative Newton Youth Diplomacy Forum competition in the auditorium. The event was organised by our talented students, led by N’Cindy and N’Prim from Year 12 NBS, and judged by myself, Mr. Brian, and P’Boat.

Behind the scenes

          When Newton Business School students N’Cindy and N’Prim proposed their idea to host a diplomatic forum, I was delighted by their leadership and initiative in wanting to make this happen. I remember my time at the debating club when I was at school back in England many years ago, and was pleased to have the chance to give the next generation of students a similar opportunity. We met and went through the requirements, with P’Sam helping with the operational set up of the event. 

           I was particularly impressed that they chose a topic (migration and human labour) that is very topical in the world at the moment. At Newton Business School, we are preparing the next generation of leaders who will be able to add value to society, so it is essential for students to understand and appreciate current affairs – both in Thailand and abroad.

What was this forum about?

          As mentioned earlier, this forum focused on the critical topics of migration and human labour. Students assumed the roles of delegates from the following various countries – United Kingdom, France, China, Russia, India, United States – representing their nations with impressive diplomacy and insight. It was an engaging and educational experience for all involved. Students were able to practise their debating, listening and public speaking skills in front of their classmates. 


Shout out to the winner!

          A special congratulations to NBS Year 12 student N’Tito, who was announced as the winner by our judging panel. We’re incredibly proud of all our students for their dedication and hard work in making this event a success.

Written by Mr. Jason Beilby Executive at Newton Business School

Edited by Chin Integrated Marketing Communication Officer

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