Students becoming leaders, right before my eyes.

       As educators, we often find ourselves not just teaching subjects but also guiding young minds as they navigate through challenges and triumphs, molding them into individuals ready to take on the world. Today, I’d like to take a moment to celebrate the incredible ongoing growth and success of two remarkable students.

Frost, Year 10

          I had the chance to teach Frost when he was in Year 8, but I really got to know him well once his club, New Wave, asked me to be the club supervisor. Since then, I have been amazed at Frost’s personal growth; he has become more confident, responsible, and has taken charge in many projects.

          I truly believe that overcoming the challenges of running a successful club, working together during Newton Talks, and preparing for TEDxYouth have profoundly impacted him. Through these shared experiences, our relationship has evolved from a conventional teacher-student connection to a mentorship dynamic. I’d like to think that our closeness has somewhat influenced Frost’s academic and personal growth, instilling in him a sense of responsibility and discipline.

“If you don’t know what you want to do in life yet, it’s completely fine. Try new activities that are out of your comfort zone, explore new things. Who knows, what might seem completely unrelated might just give you the answer to what you want to do.” – Frost, Year 10

Nont, Year 12

          When Nont was under my supervision in Year 10, he faced challenges transitioning from an ESL class to my English Language A class, mainly with the reading and writing assignments. Despite the class’s heavy focus on writing, Nont approached these challenges with determination and the right mindset. He understood that the easier road is not always the best road to take. He was actively trying to improve his academics, which reminded me of when my own teacher asked me to help him as an assistant when I was underperforming. So, I approached Nont to see if he would like to help me with some work, and he was eager to take it up.

          He started helping me behind the scenes with vocabulary lists for a variety of English classes covering different years. Every Friday, we’d go over his MaxPlanner and VocabSize assignments, and he’d hand me the list he’d prepared. It was a mix of easy and tricky words, but Nont always made sure to understand them himself. Being collaborators on various projects and working together on events like Newton Talk and TEDxYouth with his fellow club member Frost has been a rewarding experience. I’m truly excited to see where our future projects take us.

“Paying attention in class is crucial for being a good student. Engaging in discussions with your teacher is also valuable, as it allows you to gain knowledge and insights from someone with more experience. These interactions can help you make better decisions in your education and may even create a special bond with your teacher.” – Nont, Year 12

Written by P’Brian Academic Supervisors of The Newton Sixth Form

Edited by Chin Integrated Marketing Communication Officer

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